Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well alright!  I have been saying that I would do this for quite some time so in the words of Slick Rick,... "Now here we go!"
I, like many others, have gone thru many changes with my hair.  These days I long for less fuss hair so I have been wearing my hair much shorter than typical.  My first "process" was when I was about 6, in honor of my fave music performer -yes, the famed Michael Jackson R.I.P.  I will have to ask my mother but as I recall I had a lot of breakage and after being called the "black Annie" by some of the older kids I opted for a change....I donned an Anita Baker haircut when I was in 5th grade it was awed by many, but what 5th grader do you know that could keep that up.  My mother is the oldest of her siblings, all brothers so her hairstyling expertise were not quite honed in when I hit the scene-but she can cook up a storm.  Those brothers had quite the appetite! 
So to make a long story short after wearing braids I began to notice the wave of my hair and grew even more curious about it.  I noticed that as my hair grew out of my head not only did it curl it began to coil into the start of an infinite number of ringlets.  I found myself playing in my hair and things went from there.  I grew it out past my shoulders.  Eventually I got what my beautician dubbed a "texturizer" but what I have come to clarify for others was quick perm.  Meaning she used the same product that other stylist had used to relax my hair but not the same technique most noted the entire chemical process lasted about 5-8 minutes.  This method loosened my own curls much like what you would get after twisting your hair without the time.   Within 1 month I learned I was expecting and decided against any more chemical tx until after delivery.  Between the hormonal changes and the blend of unprocessed hair and texturize hair my hair was very dry so I went to get it re-texturized with my old stylist (who does not do natural hair).  She assured me she could texturize it but after I felt I had little option but to go ahead and completely relax it. 
Since then my little girl has been growing up! She has gone from a truly bald-headed little girls, who my sister wrongly, but affectionately dubbed "the bald-headed hustler" to a full headed just shy (1 hour 14 minutes shy) of 11 years old tween!  Needless to say my daughter has made my sister, (mother of 4 boys, all that talk gets you know sugar & spice) -eat her words!  But boy it is me doing all the work.  I love coming up with texture complementing hairstyles but I can't say that my daughter enjoys the time it sometimes takes to create my works of art.
Beauty is not what they say; It just.... is